Screwston, Texas

The 2010 Census Launches the Latino Underground Into the Mainstream; Other Bold Predictions for the Coming Decade

Can Latino hip-hop in Houston continue to thrive as a black-market force, of sorts, whose sales are invisible to the IRS, and evolve into a powerful underground economy without the acknowledgement or praise of mainstream music media like Rolling Stone or XXL magazines? Or without the support of major music labels? Yes, it can, and it will.

But, will hip-hop created by Latino musicians be limited to just that: the underground? No, it won't. It'll be more than that.

By the time we are all through making fun of each other for thinking the world was going to end in 2012, Latino hip-hop won't be that underground at all. In fact, sometime during the next ten years, it will elevate to the mainstream, an evolution that will start in Houston. Yeah, we said it. Houston's Latino underground will be the discovery point where major labels congregate to find their next cash cow. They'll study and analyze this group of Latino rappers with the fascination of an archeologist who's discovered a new dinosaur fossil.

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Contributor Rolando Rodriguez is the co-founder of Trill Multicultural.