The 2015 HPMA Reader's Choice Nominees Are...
Graphic by Monica Fuentes

The 2015 HPMA Reader's Choice Nominees Are...

This is only the second year, but the Reader’s Choice Award is quickly becoming one of our favorite parts of this whole process, if for no other reason than because it leads to comments like this one: “Did whoever was putting this together just happen to miss all of the best shows this year? Not being rude...just wanted to ask. Have a nice day.” Awesome. Any act with fans who will speak up so forcefully on their behalf definitely deserves a spot on our ballot. So now they are, as one of the six Reader’s Choice nominees you see below.

Dead to the World
DJ Mik One
Steve Krase Band
Paper Sparrow
Pigs on the Wall
Vanilla Whale

Congratulations to this year’s nominees. The Reader’s Choice category has now been added to the HPMA ballot. Vote here. Presale tickets for the post-HPMA free concert featuring Hayes Carll are sold out, but regular tickets go on sale this Thursday, July 16. Hope to see you at the show.

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