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The 25 Best Music Videos of 2012, Nos. 25-21

This year was a big one as far as music videos go, and we covered a ton. More than that, it was an amazing year for videos from local bands breaking the mould and playing at the same level as the big boys. So we'll be counting down the best of the best as normal, but this year we'll be doing so all week!


The Best Videos of 2011

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25. Grave Babies, "Fuck Off"

Director Jordan Utley put together this low-budget, lo-fi creepfest for the Grave Babies. It's a bit eye-rollingly goth, but you can't deny the atmosphere the video manages to conjure as a young woman is assaulted by black-clad demons in her sleep. If nothing else, this video proved that talent, not money, is the key to making the most out of a finished product.

24. Kerry Beyer, "Across the Universe"

For a while there I was getting a lot of really excellent home-produced cover videos from local director Kerry Beyer singing some of his favorite songs. Though I joked often that I was going to write a sequel to my laziest music video article consisting entirely of his work, they really were stunning interpretations that used Beyer's considerable skill as a film director to produce A-level videos. I kind of miss him flooding my inbox.

23. Band of Skulls, "Sweet Sour"

The band (of skulls... I'm never going to stop using that joke) doesn't appear in their official video, but a quartet of awesome kids does. They bust moves in the mean streets, using music and dance instead of fists and knives in what is clearly a gritty and violent world. On top of that, the song itself is a toe-tapper, but its real beauty is in the pure vision of joy in the ruins.

22. Mothlite, "Seeing in the Dark"

Daniel O'Sullivan's latest project, Mothlite, showed off a video called "Seeing in the Dark" that ended up being something of a twisted mirror version of Beyer's comparatively bright and happy work. The same repeating visual memes are there, but in director Kristin Boyesen's hands, they become sinister harbingers of consumption in addition to the constantly shifting shadows that threaten O'Sullivan like an evolutionary arms race come to horrifying life.

21. Jennifer Grassman, "The Bedroom Door"

Though Grassman's "The Haunting" was a more ambitious and technically accomplished work, her sister Kaitlin's simple shots of a girl slowly killing herself over Jennifer's haunting, angelic voice is definitely the deeper and more memorable work. I still say the damned thing is way too long, and that in general music videos should cut themselves in the name of cinematic pacing, but you can't deny the power of the piece.

Tune in Tuesday for 20-16!

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