The 25 Best Music Videos of 2013, Nos. 10-6

Welcome to the top ten, and I promise it's a great one. The general mood of the best music videos these days is an obsession with alternate fantasy worlds. I don't know if that's an indication of wanting to escape from tough times or a just a whole lot of drugs being consumed before video shoots, but either way it makes for great visuals.

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10. Dream Koala, "Odyssey" You have to be willing to invest in "Odyssey" if you're going to get anything out of it. It slowly reveals the silence left after the end of the world brought about by some form of cyclopean giants. Remember how awesome that leaked 2012 Comic-Con Godzilla trailer was that we all lost our crap over? This is ten times better.

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9. The Vintage Caravan, "Expand Your Mind" Tell me that your video is meant to replicate a drugged-out mindset and I'm immediately board. As someone that's been the only sober person at many a party I can tell you you're not having nearly as much fun as you think you are.

That said, The Vintage Caravan surprised me a great deal with their mind-blowing, seven-minute epic video that really did complete an interesting story about consciousness-altering euphoria on the back of their infectious prog-rock anthem. Maybe I should give drugs a chance after all.

8. Orla Gartland, "Roots" It's rare to find a simple modern pop song with an incredible music video. Gartland pulls it off with a semi-animated journey, combining fairy-tale aspects with a simple personal journey that feels like a modern fable. There are plenty of movies out in the world right now that don't know half as much about a hero's quest as Gartland does in a four-minute video.

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7. Cut Copy, "Free Your Mind" 2013 was also a good year for music videos dissecting life inside strange cults. The best of these was easily Cut Copy's "Free Your Mind," which kept things extremely offbeat and real at the same time, in a pretty accurate representation of what your existence becomes when you rewrite it to insane rules. Plus it's made up almost entirely of Alexander Skarsgard walking around with no shirt on. Who doesn't like that?

6. Shearwater, "I Luv the Valley OH!" Easily my favorite song of the music videos this year, "I Luv the Valley OH!" is one of the great spaceman videos in addition to its sheer audio gifts, Lovingly shot in the desert, it follows to crashed space adventures as one succumbs to her injuries and the other is forced to move on. Impressive special effects and a truly human story make Shearwater a musical Harlan Ellison, and no one should miss this video.

Tomorrow is the finale. Who made the best music video of 2013?

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