The 3 Best Musician/Wrestling Tag Teams

The world of wrestling and the world of music have an awful lot in common. You've got you over-the-top characters, the lights, the spectacle, the flashy costumes and choreography. (See this, in fact.) Pretty much the only thing separating them are the injuries, and depending on the rock show not even that.

So it's not surprising that sometimes those worlds overlap, and I don't just mean wrestlers like Chris Jericho turning to music, or bands showing up live to perform the song a wrestler uses as his entrance music like Motorhead did for Triple H. I mean that sometimes the two camps just full-on collide in amazing ways.

Note to ICP fans... They didn't make the cut. Not because they didn't distinguish themselves, but because it could be argued that they did both so well that the two sides pretty much cancel out each other. They're a separate category all their own.

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