The 4 Best Cocktails Named For Rock Stars

I played rock star for a few years here in town, loading in equipment at 7 p.m. to go on around midnight. You know what you do in the interim? You drink, heavily, because you're in a bar and you're bored off your ass. I even ended up writing the Black Math Experiment song "Alcohol" about it.

Alcohol and rock stars go hand in hand. There are those that indulge and die from it, those who curb their excess and overcome it, and some like Lemmy who apparently is going to live forever on nothing but meat, cheese and a bottle of whiskey a day. Seriously, he drinks a bottle of whiskey a day and is healthier than the pretty much our entire writing staff. [Not all of us... not now -- ed.]

It's no surprise then that rock stars get the occasional cocktail gets named for after them. Today we spread some of the inebriated joy done in their names. Here are four recipes for musician-based drinks.


If there is any artist that you should never listen to without a drink at hand then it's Leonard Cohen. The smoky voice, the playful words, the mixture of elation and despair, everything about him speaks of simultaneous sin and salvation.

James Rodewald over at Gourmet.com decided to tackle finding the perfect cocktail to honor the legend. He decided against something like I'm Your Manhattan (I would've gone with First We Make Manhattan, myself), and went with a variation on the King Cole Cocktail.

2 oz blended Scotch (such as The Famous Grouse) 1/2 teaspoon simple syrup 1 teaspoon Fernet Branca 1 Lump of Ice

Combine all ingredients, stir well, and decorate with slices of orange and pineapple.


Bowie has sworn off drinking, and if I remember reading The Berlin Trilogy right he lived mostly off of cocaine and milk for a while instead of hard liquor anyway. With that in mind, you'd think we'd be talking something involving cream liqeuer like Bailey's.

Instead, New Deal Distillery went with their Mud Puddle chocolate liqueur as a base for their cocktail. They describe it as '"totally after 'Space Oddity' but definitely before 'Ziggy Stardust.'"

2 1/2 oz New Deal Mud Puddle chocolate liquor 1/2 oz bourbon (choose a sweeter bourbon like Four Roses) orange wedge, for garnish

In an old-fashioned glass, pour first two ingredients. Add ice, stir to incorporate. Garnish with orange wedge and serve.


The horror-metal icon and filmmaker isn't actually much of a drinker himself. It's hard to imagine anyone accomplishing all he has in his life if they were a raging drunk. Still, Zombie shares his name with an already popular rum-based cocktail, and this variation bears his stage name.

It seems only appropriate that an avowed ethical vegetarian would be honored with such a fruit-heavy concoction as a Zombie. The best part is, since you float the rum on top of it as a final part, you can mimic Zombie's stagemanship and set the thing on fire before you enjoy it.

1 oz Midori Melon Liqueur 1 oz Malibu Coconut Rum 1 splash(es) Orange Juice 1 splash(es) Pineapple Juice 1 splash(es) Cranberry Juice 1/4 oz Myers's Rum

Ice down your glass. Add your Midori, Malibu Rum, orange and pineapple juice. Just a splash of cranberry juice and float the Myer's rum.


This is my own invention based off a Wikihow recipe that I've chosen to name after Houston's own rising goth superstarlet La Catrin. When I first interviewed her, she staged a show where she married the audience in an occult ceremony. Then we sat talking as she compulsively stole sips from my drink and left me tasting a combination of vodka and some sort of sweet raspberry lipstick. I offer this bit of insanity for her.

Please note before beginning: This drink requires 24 hours to finish.

1 Bottle of Blavod Black Vodka (Other stuff will do, but this is best) 4 or 5 Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Bars 1 pkg of frozen raspberries Dark brown sugar 1 dishwasher

Empty roughly a quarter of the bottle of vodka into a container for later use. Break up the chocolate bars and feed them into the bottle. Close the bottle tightly, place in top rack of dishwasher, and start a cycle.

Once the cycle is completed, shake the bottle vigorously. If the chocolate is not all melted run it again. If it is, add four or five raspberries to the bottle. Place bottle in freezer for 24 hours.

Shake well and serve in a glass frosted with dark brown sugar. Warning: This is strong.

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