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The 5 Best Shows In Houston This Week: Lindsey Buckingham, Etc.

Recently Rocks Off noticed our VVM sister paper in Phoenix has been running a list of their picks for the upcoming week's best shows first thing Monday morning. We thought, "Hey, our readers speak the same language(s) as theirs do, so why not try it ourselves?"

As far as Fleetwood Mac goes, Lindsey Buckingham's wicked guitar-shredding skills have always run a distant third behind the fucked-up partner-swapping relationship drama that birthed classic albums like Rumours (great though it is), and then the bizarre cult of Stevie Nicks in general.

For once, all that other stuff will get pushed aside when Buckingham makes a rare intimate solo stop tonight at Fitzgerald's. Expect stuff from his recent album Seeds We Sow (2011), as well as better-known solo songs like "Go Insane" and "Trouble," and the odd Mac deep cut.

EDM has taken over Jet Lounge, and its "White Girl Wasted" Wednesdays are getting off the chain. We have it on good authority that the person you see in the flyer at right is an actual participant in the revelry, hosted by the Murderland Collective. Wow.

New-school local rappers Le$ and Marcus Manchild team up Thursday night at Warehouse Live, courtesy of Screwston Ent. Have a listen to Marcus' new banger, "Live Fast Die Young." Before last week, we had never even heard of the new (to us) acronymn YOLO; in the course of putting together this one single blog, we've seen it twice.

It's not a party until someone gets a spanking. That's exactly what's going to happen (or is promised, anyway), at the Montrose Rock Revel Saturday night at Rudyard's, featuring ALL LOCAL BANDS: HPMA 2012 Best Rock winners the Trimms, Shotgun Funeral, Second Lovers, Deadend Cowboys, March to the Sea, the Bad Drugs and Fox & Cat. Plus spoken-word, performance art, hula-hooping, etc., between sets. Show starts at 6 p.m.

Houston's Something Fierce's song "Warlords of Information" recently premiered on Alternative Press' Web site; the punk trio is also releasing the song on a 10" split Dirtnap Records single with North Texas neighbors Occult Detective Club at a joint party next Sunday at Mango's with locals Mikey & the Drags. Whew... and congrats!

By the way, we put together this list using the Houston Press' relatively new and definitely much-improved Concert Calendar. Check it out yourself if you haven't already.

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