The 5 Best Shows In Houston This Week: November 19-22

Cypress Hill Scout Bar, November 19

The first Latino hip-hop group to gain stardom, Cypress Hill brought a whiff of Cheech & Chong comedy to their red-eyed rapping, but were hardly playing around on songs like "Hand on the Pump" and "How I Could Just Kill a Man." Sen Dog and B Real's gritty rhymes could hold their own with South Central and East L.A.'s finest until everything went loco on 1993's Black Sunday and their white audience exploded.

They paid back their new fans in kind by working more and more alt-rock into subsequent albums, exhaling another hit on 2000's "Rock Superstar." Meanwhile, DJ Muggs's blunted beats helped influence Dr. Dre and trip-hop, and are fundamental to the pungent bass brew cooked up by the likes of recent Cypress collaborator Rusko. CHRIS GRAY

John Egan The Big Easy, November 19

Boy, the end of the year is coming up a lot faster than most of us would like to admit, but one good thing about all that is that it's already time to start reflecting on the quality local albums to come out in 2012. John Egan's Phantoms, released this past spring, certainly qualifies for me.

"Egan sings in a tone that suggests someone is constantly walking over his grave, and his lyrics are loaded with bad mojo like nature gone haywire ('The Mississippi Ran Backwards'), apocalyptic visions ('John the Revelator') and a clenched-teeth cover of Bruce Springsteen's "State Trooper,'" I wrote back in March. Egan and his Resonator guitar have been raising hell at The Big Easy Monday nights for several months, so now would be an excellent time to kick-start your mojo for the holidays. CHRIS GRAY

Matisyahu House of Blues, November 20

Matisyahu's latest album, Spark Seeker, practically screams "fresh start." There's no more full beard, and the man once christened "the Hasidic reggae superstar" recently relocated from the East Coast to L.A. "Let yesterday burn and throw it in the fire," he sings on "Live Like a Warrior," one of many songs on the album where Matisyahu declares himself ready to seize his moment.

Produced by Kool Kojak (Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha), Spark Seeker is a relentlessly positive, big-screen world-pop record saturated with rhythm, far beyond his usual roots-reggae and dancehall flows. They're still there, of course, but here Matisyahu also welcomes rapper Shyne on two songs, widens the focus even further for big-beat dance productions "Breathe Easy" and "Tel Avivn" and makes the ancient Mideast flavor of "King Crown of Judah" sound utterly contemporary. CHRIS GRAY

Generationals Fitzgerald's, November 21

Straight outta New Orleans, two-man outfit Generationals is finally starting to gather steam outside of the Crescent City with synths and vocals that recall prime Pet Shop Boys. Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer keep their songs compact, hanging hooks in all the right places on the new Lucky Numbers EP, which seems to have been pulled from the depths of some decadent, password-protected French Quarter dance den. CRAIG HLAVATY

Young Mammals, Mikey & the Drags, Caddywhompus Fitzgerald's, November 22

Escape the horror show of your family's Thanksgiving -- and, what the hell, pre-party for Black Friday -- with this triple-shot of garage rock. Young Mammals, Mikey & the Drags and Caddywhompus headline upstairs at Fitz, offering a prime opportunity to share war stories from the previous 12 hours over a beer or six with friends. CRAIG HLAVATY

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