The 71s Rassle A Bear In New Video

Rocks Off remains a dedicated fan of the 71s. Their music is a good old-fashioned double shot of rock in the chops, and sometimes we need to be yanked out of the corner we're off looking sad in to better appreciate life.

If there is one things we know that the 71s do well, it's make videos. When singer Keeton Coffman and director Justin Kling invaded Wal-Mart to shoot an impromptu video for "Start Again," it was one of the highlights of our year. Incidentally, our journalistic integrity demands we inform you that "Start Again" was recently featured on an episode of MTV's The Real World. Do we congratulate or console them for this one?

This time the band is back with a video no less irreverent but infinitely more creepy for their upcoming single "Get Up and Dance." Once again Kling helms the camera, and according to Coffman it's him we can blame for this creepy-ass bear with the dead eyes.

So why the hell are the 71s hiding in an alley waiting to perform for some offshoot of the Pedobear family?

"I took the song to Justin, and asked him what we could do with this," Coffman says. "He closed his eyes, leaned his head back, and said it was going to be us versus a bear."

All kidding aside, there is a little reason to the rhyme here. The 71s have spent the last several months touring Texas in a very hardcore way, all part of a scheme by new management to build their following in the state. While audiences have been more than receptive, more than once they stood on stage to a general apathy.

"We're not a spectator band," says Coffman. "We want people to participate, not just watch. There's nothing wrong with just watching, but that's not what we're after. I guess when we did the video we just wanted to illustrate performing for someone who could literally not give any less of a crap."

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