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The '90s Continue Unabated At House Of Blues, Homeslice!

Seriously, what's with the House of Blues downtown toying around with all our '90s modern rock nostalgia as of late?

In the past eight months or so since the HOB has opened, the folks on Caroline have booked almost every quasi-major alt-rock band of the last decade, that has not died of an overdose or succumbed to early senility (cough, Courtney Love, cough).

It was just last week that Gavin Rossdale of Bush trotted out his solo pony show to a packed crowd of aging Gen-Xers. Live came and played nearly half of 1994's Throwing Copper to a sweaty throng of Clinton-era throwbacks in backwards hats and Class of '97 class rings back in mid-May.

Coming next week: Better Than Ezra, followed two days later by Third Eye Blind, with a slab of Primus's Les Claypool thrown in on Monday night. After that, we can expect Zima-swilling dates with Toad The Wet Sprocket (June 30) and Candlebox (July 6). A double bill of Lewinsky-era faves Sugar Ray and Fastball slides our way in late August. No butt-cut will go on un-parted, and no flannel will be tucked in.

Then there's the "Sounds of Seattle Tour" cover-band tour coming to HOB on August 29. The road show is a traveling caravan of Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden cover groups that's sweeping mega-bars and smaller rock venues the world over.

It doesn't seem very hard to be the lead singer in a Pearl Jam cover band, quite honestly. All you would really have to do is bellow soulful, unintelligible lyrics, à la Adam Sandler, and tell people they just heard "Black." The lead singer of Ten makes no apparent attempt to even look like Eddie Vedder. At least walk around stage swilling a bottle of red wine, for chrissakes.

It looks like the Chicago-based Nirvana tribute act Nevermind actually has their shit together. The trio of brothers Veldman has been playing Cobain-penned songs together since 1991. The band plays lives in front of a facsimile of the real band's In Utero-era stage set of pregnant mannequins and the like. Too bad their "Kurt," guitarist J. Veldman, looks like Weezer's Rivers Cuomo in a blonde wig and Jackie-O glasses.

What a buzz kill!

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Craig Hlavaty
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