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The Abyss' Sean Ozz Talks Rocking And Tattooing

The Abyss is one of those bands that makes everything that happens in the dark all right. Led by the dominating vocals of Sean Ozz, they've had some rocky starts in the Houston music scene.

It's taken more than a year for Ozz to solidify the line-up of his band, but now that he has The Abyss is ready to assume the role of Houston's top spooky rock act (recently vacated by Silenced Within) when they take the stage at Warehouse Live Sunday.

In the time when Ozz is not leading The Abyss band, he's a tattoo and airbrush artist. Now, tattoos and degenerate rock and roll go hand in decorated hand. Rocks Off can name very few rockers without at least an obligatory panther somewhere on their body.

What interested us, however, was what the relationship between creating musically and creating visually might be. Music and art are two very different disciplines, with very different tools and techniques. Yet in the time we've known him, Ozz has made it quite clear that both avenues of expression are connected for him. This week we sat down with Ozz to discuss that connections.

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