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The Adolescents: Still Punk Rock Kids From The Black Hole

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RO: Tony also wrote me that Robbie Fields (Posh Boy) and his engineer "were absolutely dreadful to work with." Is that how you remember the Posh Boy affair?

SS: There is a quote that Robbie put on the 7" where I was saying that they tried to make us sound disco and that the engineer was a dick (this was concerning the "Amoeba" recording). I got drunk fairly early on, so my memory is a bit shady on the whole thing. It wasn't the most comfortable experience I had ever had recording...

RO: Are fans to assume that Complete Demos is the definitive leftover material from the early Adolescents?

SS: For all I know, the bottom of the barrel has been scraped.

RO: Tony is a huge fan of Cheap Trick and wanted the Blue Album's typesetting to look like Cheap Trick, but Frontier wanted it to look like "generic supermarket packaging"?

SS: Tony and I are both huge Cheap Trick fans. Unfortunately, I have no recollection of the artwork part of the record other than most of the photos were taken by my friend Jeri.

RO: By the time of songs like "The Liar" (co-written by you), had the band's ideas shifted from mostly biographical to socio-political commentary?

SS: By the time we started writing the songs for "Brats..." we were six years into the quagmire known as the Reagan administration. It was bound to have some influence on what we were writing. We always went our own way. It wasn't like, "Let's be political like the DKs."

RO: Looking back, how do you feel about "Balboa Fun Zone"?

SS: It was a mistake. We should have used another name. At the time, I think we just dreaded the idea of starting over, so we got lazy and took the easier road out.

The Adolescents play with Lower Class Brats, Born Liars and The American Heist, 8 p.m. Saturday, January 1, at Walter's on Washington, 713-862-2513.

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