The Anatomy of Mookie Jones's Mack

In the annals of Houston rap, there have been plenty of pimps, gangsters, players and anything in between. But few actual macks. Yes, Max Julien has been the blueprint for many a player who wondered where the hell did Lil Keke get a longhaired Samoan from, but Mookie Jones takes the entire aura of being a mack to task on his sophomore set. Released Tuesday, it's airy, it's fun and at times it's more motivational than it should let on.

Cardo and DJ Burn One turn blaxpoitation tricks behind the boards, securing enough space to let Mookie's hair essentially float over 11 tracks and 45 minutes of nothing but sleek horns and drum stabs (and even a bit of talkbox on "Elbow Out The Window" with country cousin Big Sant).

From head to toe, Mookie's instructional audio pamphlet revolves around three main topics:


See "Elbow Out The Window"? Mookie teaches his followers that you can be whatever you want to be. No, drug dealing wasn't in his future, nor was playing ball -- his poppa* was a mack. Therefore it's to be determined by the Book of Mookie, Chapter Mack Verse 5, that you follow in the footsteps of your father. Or, if he's not there, become something far more better.

Same goes for macking. Your main goal as a mack is to keep your chicks broke and yourself rich. The smooth "When I Want" is keyed into this thought process for the future macks of America who keep women broke to fulfill their ambition. I also hear it's the TLC method, but that's another story that might involve fire and somebody getting called a scrub.


"My cougar is cooking me cookies," Mookie yawns out like a cheshire cat on "I Need a Freak." Think about that a second. We're talking about a mack here who could get baked goods at any time of the day thanks to his own mouth piece and aura.

There's a line about Goku and super sayings lingering around the tape's intro, but we'll settle for this being Mack's most pimp-like line. I'm certain a  conversation between Mookie and his cougar went something like this:

Mookie: Where's the weed?

Cougar: I don't have any, Mookie.

Mookie (letting his hair down): Excuse me?

Cougar (fearful): I got cookies, though!

Mookie: Autooo!

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Macks also know one thing to deal with at all times -- OPP or, calmly, "women who belong to other men." If Kirko Bangz can do this with some Autotune and a bit of fun, Mookie and that paper-thin voice of his will trade women in and out like Daryl Morey does big men. "I know she married, so I can't have her," he ponders. "But it don't matter, I'm a playa." Logic, ladies and gentlemen.

Everybody Eats

At 11 tracks, Mack doesn't have much room to say pull a DJ Khaled and gather up more than necessary to get the point across. Instead, Mookie spreads himself to a host of individuals, Smoke DZA on "When I Want," Le$ on "Playa," Gerald Walker on "I Need a Freak," the aforementioned Big Sant on "Elbow Out The Window," SL Jones on "GrindMode" and Max Julien himself (okay, fine, excerpts from The Mack).

If Mookie were to venture out to the Player's Ball with all of these players, I'm certain DZA would outfit his women in Polo, Big Sant, a man with at least one-sixth of an ounce of Pimp C blood (hear his verse on "Return Of 4eva" and tell me otherwise) would have his women openly tell you they like it on top of the covers and Max Julien somehow would still have the baddest women in the room.

And there would be a lifetime achievement award for the Pimp. No other way around it.

Download Mookie's Mack here.

* Mookie's father? Oran "Juice" Jones. Or the guy who gave early '80s R&B the greatest skit in the middle of a song in history.

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