The Band Foster Came To Rock, Not Eat Cookies

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Today The Band Foster - that's the name, all three words - begins its reign as Artist of the Week. The interview ran a tad longer than they typically do, so we're going to flip ahead to that.

Things you need to know going in:

  • The Band Foster is a rock band that can certainly be intimidating but doesn't necessarily exist in that manner. In interviews at least, they appear to be nice, wholesome sirs who would likely not curse your mother out.
  • Ummm, that's about it.

And we're off. Keep it moving to read lead vocalists/guitarists Anthony Montalvo and John Foster's thoughts on whether or not anyone in the band (or otherwise) has a The Band Foster-related tattoo, hitting the nail on the head and a recent addition to the band.

Rocks Off: Tell everyone everything they need to know about Foster in exactly six words.

Anthony Montalvo: Rock Music Is Back In Houston.

RO: The new CD, what's been the reception thus far? Has anybody gotten a tattoo of it on their persons, because that's how you know you've made something really special.

The Band Foster, "Hey Child"

AM: We get great feedback from the album. Our fans really appreciate the quality of the material and meaningful lyrics. As far as tattoos go, only three out of five of us would most likely do that.

The album is very special, however as artists our goal is to stay consistent while at the same time growing musically and making the next CD even more incredible. I have a feeling the next album will spawn some great songs and new body art.

RO: We used to work with this guy whose last name was Foster. He was a big guy, but super-polite. He wasn't mean, but he possessed the capacity to be so. That's kind of how we feel about your music. That's not a question, it's just something we wanted to tell you.

John Foster: Wow, thanks. You hit the nail on the head with that one in more ways than one*. People have said I'm a big guy and I guess like everyone I can be tough when I need to be. But for the most part, I'm a pretty nice guy.

Our music is the same - very big in so many ways - and we encourage everyone to take a listen to our album Believe online via our Facebook, MySpace or Reverbnation [pages or] even purchase a copy on iTunes.

*We were unaware this was possible.

RO: What is the best compliment anyone has ever paid you guys after a live show?

JF: Anytime we can connect with anyone in the crowd is a pleasure. I'd say the best compliment is seeing fans eyes on you for the entire set, then after the show applause, hugs and handshakes.

It's also a plus hearing a fan say our sound brings something new to the Houston music scene, something that's been missing and is present in The Band Foster.

RO: Tell us one inside joke or reference The Band Foster has made in the lyrics that nobody outside of the band would know about.

AM: Here's an inside joke: When we performed on Great Day Houston a few months back, we were in the Green Room with Dr.Rey. Mind you, we didn't have breakfast and it was really early in the morning so Kevin (bassist) and me were hungry. All there was in the Green Room were a box of cookies. So Kevin and I decided to raid this delicious box of cookies.

They were so good that we said "John, you have to try one of these cookies, man." He replied with "No way, dude, I don't eat cookies before a show!" You might have [had] to [have been] there** but it was hilarious and we laugh about it all the time. So now right before we go on stage, we ask John "Hey man, you want a cookie?" and he always says no. It was a classic moment.


RO: You get to veto two bands from ever making music again. Who do you pick?

AM: Well, we would never discourage or "veto" someone or a band from creating music. But let's say we did veto two bands from making music, then there would be very sad fans out there who just might go postal, as well as these two bands' members."If you don't like the effects, don't produce the cause" is what I always say.

RO: Anything you want to make sure gets mentioned? Now's the time to do it.

JF: We'd like to introduce a new band member. Her name is Julie Cruz, our new keyboardist. Julie is a very talented musician who's adding so much to our music, and we're very grateful to have her on board.

See The Band Foster live 11 p.m. Friday, March 11 at Walter's on Washington. Buy their record too.

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