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The Beach Boys Coming to Nutty Jerry's In Winnie October 6

If you missed the reunited and augmented Beach Boys a few weeks back in the Woodlands, you will have a second chance to see the band on October 6 out at Nutty Jerry's in Winnie. Yes, it's a long drive, but this tour is worth seeing.

As Rocks Off confirmed from Nutty Jerry's PR, this will in fact be the lineup that was at the Woodlands on June 8. There was some question to whether or not this would be Mike Love's version of the group that tours sans Brian Wilson.

Tickets are available here on the Jerry's site. While you are there, why not snag your America tickets?

Speaking of Wilson, the pop architect turns 70 years old today, so be sure and play Pet Sounds or SMiLE super-loud, or softly, whichever you prefer.

The Beach Boys are touring behind their first new album in decades, That's Why God Made The Radio, and their current setlists have been having upwards of 45 songs on them. In a recent interview with guitarist Al Jardine, he commented that he hopes that the band's dynamic can lend itself to more touring, at least every two years. It looks like they are in fact making a go of it.

In the current issue of Rolling Stone the band talks about their shaky but working relationship on the road and in the studio. Fun fact: Michael McDonald scares the shit out of Brian Wilson.

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