The Best Acts at Yes, Indeed! Fest 2014

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By Matthew Keever and Angelica Leicht

CATCH FEVER Six months after the release of their debut album, Shiny Eyes, Catch Fever's pop rock continues to please longtime fans and grab the attention of new listeners as well. The power trio rocked the Continental Club Saturday night at 8pm, with vocalist/guitarist Taylor Huffman crooning above bass and keyboard, incorporating harmonies and backing vocals perfectly above tight percussion.

The night was still young when Catch Fever was onstage, and the crowd hadn't quite formed yet, but the club was still filled with applause and good tunes for the duration of the group's set. M.K.

CAVERN HYMNAL If you didn't make it out to Yes Indeed early, you missed some pretty decent acts -- Cavern Hymnal included. The indie-folk band mixed a bit of aggression with enough classic folk notes to keep from sinking into a boring abyss. Led by Mary Kate Spawn, the group alternated from melodic and chill to a wee bit edgier, but it all fit together quite nicely on that tiny Big Top stage.

When we first sat down, only a handful of people were in the bar, but plenty more revelers had wandered in off the street by the time the set ended. Definitely worth the extra-early arrival time. A.L.

KEETON COFFMAN From the moment Keeton Coffman took the stage, it was painfully obvious that this guy belongs in front of a crowd at all times. From the soulful vocals to the polished notes ringing behind them, there was something really reflective and honest about the singer-songwriter's whole set. There were plenty of people filling the room to catch the set -- which was nice to see, since he was still pretty early in the night -- and everyone seemed mesmerized by the show.

Even people who appeared to on their way out of the Continental just kept stopping to watch the set. There were a couple of other sets we wanted to catch that overlapped with Coffman's slot, but we stayed and watched the show play out anyway. He had such a damn good presence onstage that we weren't in any hurry to peel ourselves away either. A.L.

ELECTRIC ATTITUDE One of the funkiest bands in Houston filled out the Alley Kat's upper deck Saturday night, enticing fans to move their feet and dance along to their soulful melodies. Earlier in the evening, I had spent a good 10 minutes talking the group up to some guys I met who hadn't heard of them. I was glad to see that Electric Attitude brought their A-game and hopefully made some new fans. M.K.

HANDSOMEBEAST We had just started to make our way toward the exit of the Alley Kat when a waitress grabbed us and demanded to know where we were going. (The answer: tacos.) We never made it out the door, though -- she informed us that Handsomebeast was about to take the stage, and we would be idiots to go now. She was kind of right.

Nothing about this group's show is normal - a good thing in this equation. The foursome was rowdy, a bit spastic, and totally, totally funky, and the crowd was all eyes and ears. But as rowdy and engaging as the band was, nothing about the self-proclaimed space-rock-bump-n-grind pioneers seemed put-on or faked. They just obviously enjoy the stage -- and delivering that sweet, sweet funk -- and people love them for it. The tiny room was pretty damn packed, and we're glad we weren't allowed to miss it. A.L.

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LION AMONG MEN Having evolved from a duo into a full-fledged quartet, Lion Among Men seem to have hit their stride. Andrew Dethloff's soft, sweet vocal lines coupled perfectly with haunting melodies for wide-ranging, atmospheric rock music, creating a perfect soundtrack for an evening of outdoor drinking in the newly cool weather. M.K.

AJ VINCENT It seemed like it took an eternity for the stage crew to set up psych rocker AJ Vincent's set, perhaps because it required a LOT of equipment. But this one-man band quickly put that equipment to good use -- as soon as Vincent took the stage, a shitton of stuff was going on up there. The Austin-bred rocker was a ball of energy from the moment the first note rang out of the keytar he proudly sports around his neck, and he kept up the pace the entire set. We were exhausted for him.

There was so much synth and sound emitting from Vincent -- not to mention the lasers beaming off the stage -- that it was damn near sensory overload at its finest. It's strange to think that one man could be responsible for all the hair, noise, and lasers that were happening in the Alley Kat, but indeed he was. A.L.

WE WERE WOLVES We Were Wolves may be my new favorite local band. I'm not sure how, exactly, I hadn't heard of these guys before this weekend, but the Beaumont-born grunge rockers won me over Saturday night. With cuts as rocking as "Devil's Daughter," I can honestly suggest them to anyone who enjoys some good, old-fashioned, heavy-hitting rock and roll. M.K.

WACKIEST MOMENT As is wont to happen at staggered music festivals, Electric Attitude's set was delayed by about ten minutes despite a strong showing from fans at the Alley Kat. Instead of just chatting among themselves, the crowd instead broke out into dance as The Village People's "YMCA" played on the speakers overhead. What began as a few people eventually spread to the entire crowd, from front to the very back. M.K.


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