The Best Concerts In Houston This Week: DJ Sun, Kid Cudi, Steve Aoki, Guitar Wolf, etc.

DJ Sun The Flat, October 14

Now that some of the well-deserved publicity surrounding DJ Sun's first-ever full-length release, One Hundred, has subsided a little, his true accomplishment on the disc seems even more impressive. In the span of 70 minutes, he pours his 20-plus-year career as one of Houston's most in-demand DJs into a seamless work that never lulls, never lags and maintains an unshakably mellow groove throughout.

But then, One Hundred's intricately laid-back latticework should come as no surprise to anyone lucky enough to have met the man. Among his multitude of weekly gigs, Sun's long-running Monday residency at the Flat is probably the most chill environment to glimpse this true turntable craftsman at work. CHRIS GRAY

Little Joe Washington Boondocks, October 15

Out of a Third Ward blues-guitar school that has now graduated to the great beyond Albert Collins, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Johnny Guitar Watson and Joe Guitar Hughes, Little Joe Washington is the last man standing. And he's hardly standing still: He's also pedaling his Schwinn from gig to gig, Fender strapped to his back, doing things with it you've never heard before and never will again, and then passing his hat around for tips. JOHN NOVA LOMAX

Kid Cudi Reliant Arena, October 15

From Rocks Off's review of Cudi at Reliant Arena, published July 2011: Cudi is an excellent live performer. He's very enthusiastic. He's already done that song about marijuana, that one about possibly being a ghost, that spooky one from the first CD and that one about being up, up and away. If you're not bothered by the whole artsy, I'm-important ethos he carries around with him, it's pretty impossible not to immediately fall in love with the guy.

By the way, he's been wearing a zip-up sweater this entire time. All of sudden he looks like Linus from Peanuts. SHEA SERRANO

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Steve Aoki Bayou Music Center, October 16

Steve Aoki is one of the most recognizable faces in EDM, literally. In a genre in which people are more often known by an alias and rarely recognized, this producer/label-owner/businessman is a true superstar. Although his beats bang and he's worked with everyone from Rivers Cuomo to LMFAO to Kid Cudi in the studio, it's live where Aoki dominates. His shows turn the stimulation knob up to 11, and he can be seen jumping off trampolines, showering the audience with Champagne, and tossing cakes. Real birthday cakes.

His Aokify America Tour, featuring rapper Waka Flocka and dubstep monster Borgore, is one of his biggest to date -- if you're going to be up front, don't wear anything you want to keep clean. CORY GARCIA

Guitar Wolf Walters, October 17

Guitar Wolf can wear the hell out of some motorcycle jackets, but that's nothing compared to what they do their instruments. The Japanese trio has been zealously churning out retrograde garage-rock at its most primitive -- lurching reverb-soaked riffs, hell-for-leather drumming, abundant screaming and howling -- for 20 years now, shades-wearing Far Eastern ambassadors from a world where CBGB never closed. Now the Wolf is back on American shores touring behind their eleventh album full of shimmy and scuzz, Beast Vibrator. With the Coathangers, Coward and Crimewave. CHRIS GRAY


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