The Best Concerts in Houston This Week: St. Vincent, Gary Numan, Maroon 5, etc.

St. Vincent House of Blues, March 10

An adventurous, ambitious singer-songwriter who delights in smearing the lines between art and pop, St. Vincent is quickly becoming one of the biggest indie-rock stars around. Born and raised in Dallas and now splitting her time between Texas and New York, the 31-year-old musician (born Annie Clark) first turned heads on late-'00s albums Marry Me and Actor, blending sugary melodies with wry lyrics and unruly blasts of guitar noise.

After her well-received 2012 collaboration with David Byrne, Love This Giant, she has climbed yet another rung with the just-released St. Vincent, adding even more electronic sounds to her palette to produce another suite of sly contemporary social commentaries such as "Rattlesnake" and "Digital Witness." CHRIS GRAY

Debonair Lounge Cafe 4212, March 10

For the past few months, the only way to get each week off on a good foot has been at this Museum District oasis of cool. Debonair Lounge has already welcomed a who's who of Houston's hottest young hip-hop and R&B performers -- featuring R&B siren Danielle Fortune and more, backed as always by that smooth-ass Debonair house band -- strutting their stuff for one of the most stylish audiences in town.

Hosted by local scenesters Tay Mitch and Brad Gilmore, whom Channel 39's Newsfix called "ebony and ivory at its finest," these few hours will have you looking forward to every Monday... just not Tuesdays. The party never stops on Instagram at @DebonairLoungeHTX, too. CHRIS GRAY

Little Joe Washington Boondocks, March 11

Out of a Third Ward blues-guitar school that has now graduated to the great beyond Albert Collins, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Johnny Guitar Watson and Joe Guitar Hughes, Little Joe Washington is the last man standing. And he's hardly standing still: he's also pedaling his Schwinn from gig to gig, Fender strapped to his back, doing things with it you've never heard before and never will again, and then passing his hat around for tips. After Joe's hospitalization for liver and kidney trouble last fall, he's back playing gigs... again. JOHN NOVA LOMAX/CHRIS GRAY

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Gary Numan Fitzgerald's, March 12

Another one for the "Hasn't been to Houston in how long?" file, eccentric techno-genius Gary Numan has had an incalculable influence on electronic music. The London native all but invented synth-pop, taking his infatuation with Kraftwerk and Brian Eno to the top of the charts with one of the all-time great New Wave singles, "Cars," while also amassing a number of other mechanically minded alternative hits like "We Are Glass."

As followers including Trent Reznor, Smashing Pumpkins and Interpol have proliferated, Numan himself has gradually disappeared from the pop radar even though his musical output has remained fairly steady. What finally brings him to town is the brand-new Splinter (Songs From a Broken Mind), an icy, industrial album that can go toe to to with Numan's many disciples. With Big Black Delta and Human Remains; see Rocks Off's two-part interview with Numan tomorrow and Wednesday. CHRIS GRAY

Maroon 5 Reliant Stadium, March 13

Now four studio albums deep into a predictably boffo pop career, Adam Levine and Maroon 5 make their RodeoHouston high on cruise control after 2012 smash Overexposed. Yes, this near-unstoppable force of pop mastery and Levine's own dreamy, bedroom-ready body - seemingly built for carnal passions and your girlfriend's daydreams -- cannot be stopped, unless Levine puts on 60 pounds. CRAIG HLAVATY


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