The Best Music of Electric Forest 2012

Electric Forest 2012 Double JJ Ranch, Rothbury, Michigan June 28-July 1, 2012

In 2011, Paste magazine named Electric Forest on its list of "Top 10 Most Intriguing Inaugural Music Festivals," because it holds several philanthropic endeavors such as a food drive and both art and music classes along with live music for attendees to enjoy.

Electric Forest was by far the most fun I have ever had in my life. I fell in love with the Forest, the people and most importantly I fell into a deeper infatuation with the music itself.

I went into Electric Forest with no expectations; all I had my mind set to was which artists I wanted to see the most. I did see everyone on the Top 5 list I made in advance and was astonished by each of their sets.

However, I found myself falling for almost every genre of music played at the festival. Whereever I walked, there was something different that had me hooked and reeled me in.

I would find myself at one stage waiting for an artist that I had planned on seeing and loving the artists that were on that stage prior to my favorites. Reggie Watts stole me away right before Borgore. Watts was hysterical and had me moving in the most obscure ways.

Borgore followed Watts up with his raunchy dubstep -- he blew my mind away, not to mention he played his version of "Cinema" by Benny Benassi featuring Skrillex. Instead of "you are a cinema, I could watch you forever," you heard, "you are a Cinnabon, I could eat you forever." I kept laughing and of course dancing.

I found myself stolen away by Borgore. Wolfgang Gartner was on after him, but I just wasn't drawn in as much. But then Ghostland Observatory stole my friends and I away again.

We decided we were going to sit and enjoy the music, and I tried to express to my friends how top-notch, crazy and chaotic, and yet synchronized the music and lasers were. I found myself in awe, and it was only the first night at Electric Forest.

Three days were to follow; each day was its own and in some ways brought me to tears. I had never seen and heard something so gorgeous. The venue was perfect for every single artist and the thousands of EF attendees.

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Every day was a masterpiece. It's hard to say what the best music was, simply because it was all so beautiful. Datsik threw down his beats and every drop had me dancing away, bringing out my funny styles of moving my hands.

Even when it got cold at night, music still could be heard all the way back towards the campsite. For example, it was a little too cold in Michigan at night for a native Texan like myself so I had to leave a little early for Steve Aoki, but I kept dancing in warmer clothes back at my tent.

I guess third time is a charm for me. My third time seeing Girl Talk, my group and I got to dance onstage. Dancing with the energetic Gregg Gillis for over an hour was like a dream come true. Looking out into the crowd all the way to where you couldn't even see anymore (but people were still there no worries) was pure art.

I do have to say that my first time ever seeing Bassnectar was spectacular. The sky was gorgeous -- moonlight, with clouds spread throughout and trees all around. The lights and music had me moving; I honestly had never heard something so beautiful.

Followed by Bassnectar was Big Gigantic, another one of my top favorites. The sounds of the drums and saxophone had me dancing around the trees in the light-up forest where my group sat under disco balls not wanting the night to end.

It's hard to say what the best was when everything was so amazing. The atmosphere made everything infatuating. I can assure you that I will return to the forest once more.

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