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The Best Rockabilly Beauties From Rock Baby Rock It

See even more pinup queens in our Rock Baby Rock It slideshow.

As William Michael Smith put it in his review, hot the operative word at Saturday's Rock Baby Rock It hot-rod show/musical extravaganza. Ladies were dolled up pin-up style all over the Island off Main, with tall hair, heavy make-up, and slathered on sass. Parasols and "Bettie" bangs were the accessories of choice for the weekend.

Rocks Off had the hellacious and enviable task of poring over Jay Lee's pictures of Saturday's festivities to pick out ten beauties from the event. Of course there were more, and maybe Mr. Lee is holding back on us, the jerk.

Anyhow here are the hottest of the hotties from Rock Baby Rock It, Houston's annual rockin' weekend off the Island.

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Craig Hlavaty
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