The Best Things Overheard at Something Wicked 2014

"Look at all these cheeks just hanging out!"

"I met my ex-boyfriend to get my ticket and he ripped it up right in front of me!"

"That there's a puddle makes it suspicious"

-- someone vocalizing what we were all thinking about a parking-lot portapotty


SLIDESHOW: The People of Something Wicked 2014

"Only half your face freaks me out"

-- someone who hates clowns on someone else's facepaint job

It seemed that security at the main stage was constantly telling the same girls to get down off of peoples' shoulders.

"I love Crystal Castles" "You know they broke up last week, right?" "I'm going to go in the corner and cry now."

"Okay...I need another beer before I get sober again"

--guy in line behind us as we walked into the festival on Day 1

"I wonder how many dead batteries there will be tonight"

-- random thought on the way home, after hearing all of the car alarms being set off by the constant bass drops

The funny thing about how many Deadmauses were walking around: these people were not dressed up as Deadmaus for Halloween. They were truly just repping a DJ who wasn't there, except for the guy whose helmet was made out of a pumpkin. Now that takes some balls.


  • Day of the Dead/Sugar Skulls (seemed most prevalent this year)
  • Sugar Daddy
  • Ryu from Street Fighter
  • Eric Cartman
  • Jake from State Farm

"Just tell her I'm drunk and I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Just tell her."

-- drunk girl sitting on the ground in the parking lot to a male friend about their other drunk friend. (Pro tip: don't have these kind of issues in front of the cops. They will ask you about it, especially if the other party says you pulled their hair.)

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A guy had a little brown blow-up doll attached to a pole, and would reach across the center barricade to tap unsuspecting people. Their surprised reactions were always funny.

Of every fest we have ever attended, this one was exceptional at staying on schedule, without any lulls or dead time. The app's lineup feature didn't make much sense before the festival started, but once there, it was incredible: a moving ticker that said which stage each artist would be, how many minutes were left in each set, and how many minutes until the next. Extremely accurate and very effective; massive kudos to your IT guy, Something Wicked.

Security staff distributing bottles of water to the crowd. If you have ever been stuck in the middle of a packed venue not wanting to lose your spot, you can definitely appreciate this move.

"You'd think if they didn't want people to drink and drive they'd make it easier to get a cab"

-- someone clearly unhappy with how the taxi/Uber situation was playing out in the parking lot

"That's the future of our country right there"

-- peace officer on duty, on one of the many groups of kids in neon heading back into the parking lot

Why so many "Keep Calm" things, Houston? And the rave totem that said "Keep Calm and Chive On?" I mean, do you work for The Chive? Let's let this go already.

Reported by Selena Dieringer, Cory Garcia and Jack Gorman


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