The Best Things We Overheard at ACL Fest, Weekend 2

By Ivan Guzman and Marco Torres

"What's that smell?" "It's YOU, bro!"

"I am not waiting an hour to take a photo! That's just dumb!" -- regarding the wooden ACL picture-frame art piece

"I have daddy issues, too!"

-- on a sign at Lana Del Rey

"Dude, is that guy okay?" "He held on to his beer, got up, and walked away. He's fine."

"Fuck, marry, kill: Diplo, Eminem, and Eddie Vedder?" "Damn. That's a tough one."

"Tip toein' in my Jordan's!"

-- scrawny white kid walking across the mud

"What's so funny?!" "You are literally tip toe wing in your jawwdins through the mud right now. Riff Raff would be proud!"

"I didn't even know he was in a band! I just thought he was cute!"

"I feel that it is my obligation and duty towards everyone around me to hit the beach ball in the other direction whenever it comes near"

-- some guy protecting his section of the crowd from the unpredictable and threatening beach ball

"I may be old, but I can still kick your ass!"

"I thought that I was shivering from the cold. Turns out I just had to pee really bad!"

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"Your flag is so cool!"

-- a friend complimenting my MarcoFromHouston logo flag

I hope the person who was drinking from that water bottle before didn't have Ebola"

-- guy next to me after some girl three rows in front of us had fainted, and was then drinking from a water bottle someone gave her

"Ebola" "Ebola" "Do you have Ebola?"

-- People obviously very concerned about contracting Ebola

"Why is it so cold here? It's not this cold in Seattle."

-- girl who...I don't even know what she was talking about

"Guys, I just got family-zoned!"

-- girl who I REALLY don't know what she was talking about


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