The Best Things We Overheard at ACL Fest's First Weekend

By Cory Garcia and Marco Torres

On ACL becoming more like Brochella: "Ive seen dudes chest-bumping." "It's disgusting. I don't think men should wear tank tops."

"I'm too old for this shit!"

-- a 20 year old blonde girl who literally could not even

"I love you, Jhené!"

"I was so confused how one person could have written so many of these songs."

-- someone who couldn't see the stage where Vic Mensa's DJ was getting the crowd hyped with a bunch of hip-hop jams and was confused that he had so many hits to his name. Of course, a lot of the songs were by Kanye...so...you know...

"Cuz our lives are dope, and we do dope shit!"

-- a certain photographer channeling his inner Kanye

"I'm in high school -- back off."

-- written in glitter on a girl's chest. We'd have photo proof but, you know, that's creepy.

"Where's Jackie?" "I hope she's gone forever. She's the worst...you know I'm right."

"Hey! Do you wanna take a picture of our butts!"

-- For the record, we did, in fact, take the photo

"She looks too much like Dick Van Dyke's wife."

-- someone not fond of Lana Del Rey's fashion choices

More post-ACL fun on the next page.

"Has anyone ever told you you're the worst wingman ever?"

"Hey Marco...stay outta trouble now! Have fun!"

-- Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo

"What if this bus is leading us to our death?"

-- multiple different people using the festival shuttle. Apparently we all have a secret, hidden distrust of bus drivers.


-- The crowd chanting while waiting for Eminem

"OMG! I'm never coming to ACL ever again!"

-- some girl crying after Calvin Harris

"Can I borrow your charging case?"

-- dude who planned his cell phone usage poorly. Will this be the "got a light?" of the next generation?

"I may be old, but I still go to all the cool shows!"

-- spotted on the T-shirt of a silver-haired festival attendee

"Mayne! I've always wanted to do that!"

-- Big Boi singing "Deep In the Heart of Texas"

RIP Pimp C!"

-- Big Boi


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