The Best Things We Overheard at Untapped Houston

By Jack Gorman and Angelica Leicht

"Wait. This isn't cider. I thought this was cider. This is beer. Like, beer beer. Oh, God...GROSS!"

Cute woman with a dog approaches a couple hanging out in VIP: ** "Hey, there. So which beers have you guys liked the best so far? Oh, I'm with the fest, by the way." ** "Oh, uh...wait, what? You're with the feds?" ** "No, man. I'm with the FEST. THE FEST." ** "Oh, thank God. I was about to have to jet!"

REWIND: The Best Acts at Untapped Houston 2014

"This would taste awesome if it had Jack Daniels in it."

"Watch the baby's face. Watch the baby's face!"

-- very protective family who were surrounding the toddler sleeping on a blanket, as a very enthusiastic headbanger came a bit too close to her for comfort

"Let's roll this and smoke it"

-- one guy to his friend at the Sierra Nevada booth, which had a table covered in hops

"There's no soap. Wait, there's no soap! Now what?!"

-- some guy outside the portapotties as we both furiously tried for hand sanitizer. There was none, so we just walked away with our heads hung in shame.

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"If I let her cook for me, I wonder what she would make"

-- in response to the Suffers' Kam Frankin singing, "Come on let me cook for you, baby!"

"Faster! Faster? Are you Ricky Bobby? You want to go faster? Ohh, that's exciting."

-- Kam Franklin, in response to a fan request

"What is wrong with people that don't like Houston!?!"

"Come here and talk to me, girl. I'll buy you a drink."

"Dude, quit yelling 'Tyler.' They're gonna play it last."

-- to an overly enthusiastic Toadies fan


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