The Best U2 Songs Not Actually Written by U2

U2 is one of the biggest, most influential rock bands of all time. Their sound has changed over the years, yet remains unique. Thanks mostly to The Edge's signature guitar playing, they've invented entire chunks of pop-rock along the way, and you know what that means: they've been ripped off. But sometimes, that's okay. Rock and roll bands steal from one another all the time - some would argue U2 themselves have been guilty of this - and the results aren't always dreadful.

Here are some songs by bands who aren't U2 that nevertheless came out sounding like decent -or better - U2 songs. In case you're wondering why frequent U2 biters Coldplay didn't make the list, we think that should be obvious.

Remy Zero, "Save Me"

Sounds Most Like: "Until the End of the World"

Simple Minds, "See the Lights"

Sounds Most Like: "A Sort of Homecoming"

Keane, "Is It Any Wonder?"

Sounds Most Like: "Zoo Station"

Angels and Airwaves, "The Adventure"

Sounds Most Like: "Where the Streets Have No Name"

Echo and the Bunnymen, "The Back of Love"

Sounds Most Like: "In God's Country"

Endochine, "Music To Drive and Cry To"

Endochine, "Music To Drive and Cry To"

Sounds Most Like: "Bad"

Ryan Adams, "So Alive"

Sounds Most Like: Everything on War

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John Seaborn Gray