The Billy Corgan/Wilson From Home Improvement Meme

Tuesday Sirius-XM's Alt Nation posted the picture (right) of Smashing Pumpkins mastermind Billy Corgan hanging in their studio on the channel's Facebook page. Slum-dapper in a bucket hat, flannel and army surplus coat, it's obviously a far cry from the tall, lithe guy in silver pants and a ZERO shirt we all knew in the '90s.

The Pumpkins just released a new album, Oceania, and Corgan has been doing massive amounts of press, including this hour-long "experience" with Austin radio host Alex Jones.

To our Rocks Off Facebook buddies, the singer looked an awful like Wilson W. Wilson, played by the late Earl Hindman on ABC's Home Improvement. You know, that nearly faceless guy with the sage, confusing advice for Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor on the other side of the fence.

So of course with the help of Houston Press art director Monica Fuentes, I had to take a crack at this.

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Craig Hlavaty
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