Screwston, Texas

The Bizarre Ride of Kickback Sundays, Part 1

First in a series -- ed.

Numbers remains one of Houston's more traditional setups in terms of a performance venue. The lighting seems archaic, yet holds a sense of charm to make anyone seem like a pop star on a given night. This past summer on Sunday nights, it became a proverbial battleground for the newest class of rap acts filtering through Houston.

It's late July. A crowd forms around the circular stage, multi-colored fans, fledging artists, promoters, the like, all with the same mentality attached: Win the night, survive to live another day. An artist steps onstage, performs and then gets shuffled to the side for another to prove his mettle, all in the name of competition.

Kickback Sundays, the creation of Sneakers & Fashion 2 owners Teresa Waldon and Suzie Rivera, fed right into the mentality of a city throbbing with rap talent that deserved room to breathe underneath Houston's suffocating musical legacy.

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