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The Breakfast Club Sound Track Sounds Even Better Now

When The Breakfast Club arrived in theaters 30 years ago, I passed on it. Instead, I waited until it was released on VHS, then went to Foodarama's video department and waited some more, until a copy in a hard-shelled casing was finally available, tucked behind the empty slip-cover that showed the characters in their iconic group pose.

After I'd left the store with the movie -- and probably some kernel popcorn, Snickers bars and whatever Mom might have scribbled onto the grocery list for me -- I was pretty impressed. The dialogue rang true. I knew kids like the ones portrayed in the film. And I was certain Judd Nelson's performance was Oscar-worthy. I was only 19 years old, so I was prone to occasional fits of misguided thinking.

Two things I knew at the time that haven't changed over these many years are a) I preferred girls like Ally Sheedy's wacko to Molly Ringwald's pampered princess; and b) the music in the film was pretty awesome.

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