The Briefs

Their name implies an obvious preference for tighty-whities, and when the Briefs are stripped down, it's evident why their choice in drawers fits so snugly. The quartet may hail from the boxers-favoring grunge band capital Seattle, but it holds itself up with a tight, simplistic style -- one that relives the early years of punk with the sound of the Vibrators, the humor of the Toy Dolls and the sneer of Johnny Rotten. It's a sure bet that the Briefs' music will inspire random fits of pogo-dancing in the audience, in which case we may all want to wear undergarments that hold our floppy parts in place. Playing music that screams 1977 nearly 30 years after the fact takes balls -- and, thanks to stretchy poly-cotton blends, the Briefs have got a good grip on their own.
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Andrea Noble