The Continuing Adventures of Hippie Mike

Tuesday night, Rocks Off got a text alerting us that Hippie Mike, the unofficial mascot of this year's Free Press Summer Fest, was tripping the light fantastic over at Brasil in Montrose. We quickly ate a free hot dog at Continental Club where we were watching Umbrella Man and booked it down Westheimer.

We found Hippie Mike dancing at an engagement party in Brasil's main room, wearing pretty much the same outfit as this weekend. Geoffrey Mueller was performing in the corner, and the prolific local musicians' gypsy-tinted folk seemed to make Mike's heart and feet soar. Soon he was whisked off by a group of guys who couldn't have been of legal drinking age.

Since his ethereal appearances at the festival last weekend, Rocks Off has gotten reports of Mike sightings from all over. One friend said she saw him at PetsMart with his mother, and another said he was in the parking lot of a Dairy Queen off Richmond on Monday afternoon. Some intrepid kids even saw fit to create a fan page for him on Facebook. A Twitter account cannot be too far behind, we assume, if only his pants had pockets on them for a cell phone.

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Craig Hlavaty
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