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The Coolest One-Word Album Titles Ever

Sometimes, a long, intricately descriptive name, list, or other chunk of writing can become irritating and lose some of its impact due to things such as repetition, over-enumeration, and dilution of impact; this sentence, for instance. It probably would have read much better phrased simply as "At times, brevity is key." Oh well. Live and learn.

Here are some albums whose titles managed to sum them up perfectly using just one word; whether due to evoking exactly the right mood, brilliantly summing up the album's overarching themes, or simply smashing together a fresh portmanteau, these titles... oh, hell, there we go again.

Here are some great one-word album titles. They are not in any particular order.

White Stripes, Elephant

Primal Scream, Screamadelica

The Gutter Twins, Saturnalia

OutKast, Stankonia

The Wesley Willis Fiasco, SpookyDisharmoniousConflictHellride

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John Seaborn Gray