The Cornbreadd Report: A Moral Victory, If Nothing Else

Well, things didn't quite pan out for Houston MC Cornbreadd on MTV's 50 Cent: The Money and the Power. After a good run, he came in third, lasting until last night's season finale. A couple of dozen people assembled at Boondocks to watch the finale and wish Cornbredd well, but he seemed to be pretty sanguine even before that, as he told Rocks Off on the phone Thursday afternoon.

Rocks Off: Have you talked to MTV or anyone else at the show about a development deal or anything like that?

Cornbreadd: Due to contract shit, I'm not allowed to speak with anybody until the show has aired, so we're on a gag order as far as that. But in the future, I hope so. You can insinuate I just did get back from L.A.

No telling what I was doing up there, but if there was something to come out of this in the future, I think it'd be Cornbreadd. I believe if you asked 50 Cent who does he remember most from the show, no question, he'd say me.

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