Pop Life

The Creepy and Bizarre World of Kidz Bop Videos

It's hard to talk about Kidz Bop. Sure, it's easy to make fun of the series of albums' watered-down version of modern pop, but it also feels like going after low-hanging fruit. That doesn't mean that the music isn't awful, because it is, but one could argue Kidz Bop provides a necessary service.

Much like knockoff iPads exist so that clueless grandparents can try and do the right thing, Kidz Bop CDs sit there waiting for an unhip parent/grandparent/family friend to come along and eventually ruin a growing child's birthday.

When we last caught up with the company, Kidz Bop had just released Kidz Bop Sings Monster Ballads, aka the CD where hair-metal went to die.

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