The Crxshadows

Darkwave. It's a kind of goth/new wave/electronica/dance music, and The Crxshadows are at its forefront, headlining festivals that draw almost a million people and circling the globe over and over on a relentless touring schedule.

Relentless is actually an accurate description of The Crxshadows' music. The beats-per-minute rate on some of their stuff sounds like it's in the low thousands, and boy, is it danceable. Actually, it commands listeners to dance, kinda like a dominatrix with rhythm.

The six-member group, with front man Rogue in charge of vocals, songwriting, keyboards, programming, violin and hairdos, has a new CD, DreamCypher. The album's first single, "Sophia," got to No. 7 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart and darkwaved itself to the No. 1 slot on the Billboard Dance Singles Sales Chart. DreamCypher is expected to hit the same kind of numbers on the CD charts.

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Olivia Flores Alvarez