The Cutters Slice Off Mink Show Before Japanese Tour

The Cutters have a lot on their plates this month. Rocks Off had the pleasure of spending last Thursday night with four-fifths of the group while they practiced for their tonight's show at the Mink, an upcoming weeklong tour in Japan, and CD release, all to be completed by the end of the month.

Already one of Rocks Off's Top 10 Breakout Acts of 2010, the organ-infused punk group is made up of newly baptized Houstonian Geo, Jon of Davy Crockett, Mark of the Funboys and Cop Warmth, Bryan of Funboys and Talk Sick Brats, and Jeff from Funboys and Muhammadali.

The Cutters came to be last October when Geo moved to Houston and linked up with longtime friend Jon. After getting the group together, they performed as frequently as possible.

"We did seven shows in three weeks, 20 shows in two and a half months," says Geo. "We want to play as much as we can instead of waiting once a month," said Geo.

Tonight's show with The Mahas and Indianapolis' Full Rainbows is the Cutters' Japanese tour kickoff. Doors open at 8 p.m. Glitter makes a fine farewell present, we hear.

See the Cutters online on Facebook.

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