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The Dead Revolt: Ask A Simple Question...

Sooooooo... The Dead Revolt. They're loud, crash-bangy indie-rockers who tend to do very well here in the city. However, we are not here to tell you how awesome they are. We are here to talk about why someone would call their band The Dead Revolt.

Most of us are revolted by the dead. Especially if they sparkle. Names involving corpses are usually reserved for Cookie Monster Metal bands, but that did not deter guitarist/vocalist George Baba when he reached the end of the most holy of all journeys that a band goes through: Finding a moniker that hasn't been taken.

We here at Rocks Off are notoriously hard on local bands that adopt names that are already being used. In the MySpace generation, there is really no excuse for it at all. Common sense has therefore elevated Baba a great deal in our eyes.

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