The "Did Beat King Really Say That?" True or False Quiz

Beat King, the wonderful wonderful Beat King, is a beyond-effective club rapper who is really a thunderstorm who is really a refrigerator-sized obscene comedian.

His latest song, "Bath Salts," which references the street drug recently made famous when a man who'd eaten another person's face was said to have been on it, features the line, "You can eat this dick, but you can't eat my face."

Thus, we have this: The "Did Beat King Really Say That?" True or False Quiz. Below are ten lines potentially rapped by Beat King. It is printer-friendly, so do that. Then pick out which ones he said and which ones he didn't. Highest score gets a new iPhone 4. For real*.

*Not for real.

I'm not sure if it's better to pass this test or to fail it, but still. Answers after the jump.

1. t 2. t 3. f 4. t 5. f 6. f 7. f 8. t 9. f 10. t

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