The Dirtbombs

Detroit's Dirtbombs often go out of their way to suggest they're not a garage band. Sorry to nit-pick, but they need to get their story straight. After all, when your lineup includes two drummers and sometimes two bass players, the results can be both magnificent and maddening, which sounds just like garage rock to us. And Dangerous Magical Noise, the band's most recent release, has more than enough trashy, splashy beats, fuzzy guitar and hints of glam and punk to put it in the company of any vintage garage band. Nevertheless, the Dirtbombs have a trump card that sets them above and beyond the sucky New York-based nouveau garage scene, and that is bespectacled front man Mick Collins. Over the years, and over the course of his numerous projects, the ex-Gories guitarist's impact on the Detroit scene has arguably been as weighty as that of the Motor City's bellwether band the MC5. And unlike so many of those well-coiffed fashion victims in the Big Apple bands who probably use Daddy's Visa to buy get their vintage gear, Collins brings something to the table these kids could never buy. He's got soul.
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Greg Barr
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