The DJ Shuffle: A Guide to New and Upcoming Wax Attacks

If you think trying to keep track of which bands are playing where is tough, try it with the umpteen regular DJ nights popping up around Houston like so many toadstools after a fresh rain. On second thought, don't - that's what we're here for. Here are some new or upcoming recurring events that have recently come to Rocks Off's attention:

  • In lieu of the recently folded DanseParc, Mr. Castillo and Shanley help you get that '80s post-punk/New Wave/indie fix with a preview of Control tonight at Etro Lounge (1424 Westheimer). Their regular residency starts November 12.
  • More '80s: The retrofitted Anglophile, also with Castillo and Shanley, is now Fan Club, the first Saturday of every month at Warehouse Live's Green Room, while Castillo and DJ Paramour shore up Autonomy: Unrelenting '80s Classics the third Saturday of every month at the Green Room. Cheap drinks too.
  • Because he doesn't have enough to do, or else because all his Thin Lizzy and Ted Nugent records would otherwise just sit around gathering dust, Castillo has retooled his Camaro night into Hit and Run: Hard Hitting Rock & Metal. Dave Wrangler joins him for the debut at Leon's Lounge November 13.

  • Come get Loose at longtime local-music fixture Tim Murrah's eclectically themed nights Wednesdays at House of Blues' Foundation Room. Don't worry, there's drink specials there too - and no cover.
  • Ceeplus Bad Knives presents a special Halloween edition of his Making Moves, subtitled "An Undead Party and Art Show" next Friday at the Green Room. Count G Wizz, Bobby DJ of the Damned and Fredster Deadster join in the ghoulish fun.
  • Chill out Caribbean style the third Friday of every month when DJ No Fun and others fire up the Urbane Guerilla Sound System, spinning vintage reggae, ska and soul vinyl up front at the Mink.
  • Did we leave something out? We're sure we did, so tell us what - and where and when, of course - in the comments.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.