The Doves, with Longwave

Manchester's Doves fall into that rare class of bands whose styles are virtually unclassifiable. Their songs aren't poppy like stereotypical Britrock, not bombastic like Oasis or the Stones, not post-punk like the Futureheads, and not completely spacey like Spiritualized. Instead, the band takes the best aspects of those styles and weaves a new sound that's uniquely their own. On their latest album, Some Cities, the Doves pay tribute to their evolving hometown -- many of the songs discuss the changes the city has undergone while the band was on the road supporting its previous efforts (2000's Lost Souls and 2002's The Last Broadcast). Underlying themes notwithstanding, the band members use their trademark sound to their advantage and pushes the spacerock influence to the forefront in their live shows.

Longwave, touring in support of the recent release There's a Fire, opens the show. The band has been compared to U2, Psychedelic Furs and Radiohead, and its latest effort does little to camouflage the similarities. But despite Longwave's blatant unoriginality, the band's music is still better than anything you're bound to hear on corporate radio.

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David A. Cobb
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