The Drop! The Drop!: Welcome To Twitter's Dubstep Island

This past weekend I discovered Dubstep Island, a fantasy Twitter feed where "the stars of EDM go and live together on an island for some reason." The artists live and explore the island with people like James Blake and Skrillex rubbing bare shoulders, though we cannot imagine either of them wearing tank tops or even being in the sun.

My mind immediately painted a portrait of a Fantasy Island-type scenario wherein someone like Snooki is inside a bell tower watching for a plane full of DJs alerting old-guard act Fatboy Slim of new arrivals.

I don't even recognize most of the names, and I am sure our EDM expert/summer intern Taylor Moon would know more.

It's funnier that I don't know who all the names, so a tweet like "Ikonika discovers a mysterious hatch covered in numbers which exactly correspond to her National Insurance number," baffles me though I figured I should laugh out loud and nod so I don't look old and stupid even though no one else was around.

Dubstep Island has only been active for a week and it already has about a thousand followers. No doubt it will be gaining more in the next few weeks as the plot on the island thickens.

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