The Dwarves with the Down and Dirties and the Delayed

Sadly, gone are the days when the infamous punk-rock kings of sleaze, the Dwarves, would burst on stage to play a chaotic 15-minute set in the nude. But that doesn't mean the band isn't still as dangerous as ever live. Guitarist HeWhoCannotBeNamed still gets vicious, but only when people aren't dancing, and singer Blag Dahlia still has as much charisma as ever -- so lock up your daughters. And hey, what do you know? There's a female in the band now! That's right. The current bassist for the Dwarves is, as far as we know, a natural-born woman, and thus more likely to be interested in teenage boys than the little girls the band once thanked heaven for -- but she still probably digs the Free Cocaine. Local rockers the Down and Dirties and the Delayed kick off what's sure to be an unforgettable evening of debauchery. -- Jason Gagnon
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Brian McManus
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