The Essex Green, with I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness

The weather is always better when the celestial pop sounds of the Essex Green waft through the air. Unlike many of its Brooklyn neighbors, who are more interested in sounding like totally angular and raucous hot shits, the Essex Green fills its sound with lucid and dreamy harmonies culled from a late-'60s songbook, la the Mamas & the Papas (all three EG songwriters -- Chris Ziter, Jeff Baron and Sasha Bell -- share equal time on the mike). Gram Parsons-style countrified melodies hold sway on "Rue De Lis" and "Sin City" from the new Cannibal Sea CD. The music throughout the disc is idyllic, with gleaming violins, tambourines, organ and acoustic guitar combining to make a perfect soundtrack to a picnic in spring. Prepare to see green.
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Travis Ritter