The Fatal Flying Guilloteens

Description: Austin punk legend Tim Kerr once called them "The garage-rock Gang of Four." Writing for Popmatters.com. Jeremy Hart called them "a dangerous band," "lo-fi, full-on rock," and "rock 'n' roll at its primal best."

Members: John Adams (drums), Roy Guilloteen (bass), Brian McGuilloteen (guitar), Shawn Guilloteen (vocals), Mike Guilloteen (vocals, guitar)

Courtesy of Fatal Flying Guilloteens
Fatal Flying Guilloteens at CMJ '06

Have a Listen: "Onward Electric" "New Arsenal" "Lights Out"

Discography: The Now Hustle for New Diaboliks, Get Knifed, split-EP with This Moment in Black History

Houston Press Music Awards: Best Punk, 2005 Allied Bands: Defend the Ghetto, Filthy McNasty

Web site: www.fatalflyingguilloteens.com

Contact: Fatal Flying Guilloteens on MySpace

Links: Band profile and Tour diary penned by guitarist Brian McManus in Houston Press

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