The Five Best "Band's Breaking Up" Singles

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Faith No More, "I Started a Joke" Faith No More's breakup was bitter and abrupt, though critics at the time had maligned their latest sonic divergence, the ironically titled Album of the Year. However, the last single that came out from the band was perhaps the most fitting possible: a cover of the Bee Gees' pre-disco ballad "I Started a Joke."

"I started a joke which started the whole world crying, but I didn't see the joke was on me," is maybe the perfect summary of Faith No More's bizarre, genre-hopping career, and it's even better when sung with such conviction and sincerity by Mike Patton.

Queen, "You Don't Fool Me" Discounting the regrettable decision by certain members of Queen to continue performing and recording with other singers, the last true Queen single to be released was this adult-contemporary rocker from the band's last album, Made in Heaven.

It came together unexpectedly, compiled from old vocals recorded by already-deceased front man Freddie Mercury, but it flowed naturally and came out pretty damn great, all things considered. It may not represent the truly classic sound of the band, but the great thing about Queen was their ability to work within any style, and this is a perfect example of the band twisting contemporary sounds to fit the Queen style.


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