The Five Best Unreleased Sisters of Mercy Songs

My hobby is collecting musicians who go utterly shitballs crackernuts. If I had a religion, then Keith Moon would be my God and I would spend every Sunday morning checking into a hotel just to chuck the TV out of the window for no discernable reason. When I read articles about Roky Erickson I get an erection firm enough to type this article with. [Ed. note: Gross.]

But my special favorite blend of crazy is when musicians go into radio silence for whatever reason. When they're not releasing music it's usually because they are nursing some sort of psychotic notion; of this relatively rare subclass, the Sisters of Mercy's Andrew Eldritch is God-Mammon.

After the release of Vision Thing in 1990, the Sisters essentially went on strike against their record label and refused to release new music. Even after their contract was over, Eldritch has still never put out another album, seemingly because he views them as gateways to labels and labels as sea demons that need to be burned with acid at the first sighting.

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