The Five Most Texan Types Of Music

Happy San Jacinto Day, fellow Texans and people who wish they were; i.e. everyone else. If you don't know why today is special, shame on you. But since us Texans are a friendly sort, allow Rocks Off to fill you in.

On April 21, 1836, Texian forces under Gen. Sam Houston (aka "Big Drunk") launched a surprise attack on the Mexican army east of present-day Houston, near the mouth of the San Jacinto River. Though heavily outnumbered, the ragtag veterans of the Runaway Scrape won in a rout because the Mexicans were caught completely off-guard.

Legend has it that things went wrong from the start because the Mexican commander in chief, Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, dallied too long with a strategically placed Creole prostitute who became known forever after as "The Yellow Rose of Texas." The story may not even be true, but it doesn't matter because the song became so popular.

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