The Five Strangest Artists You Never Knew Courtney Love Worked With

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Fall Out Boy is set to save rock and roll, and they're bringing a few friends along with them. Apparently, saving rock and roll requires the combined efforts of prose auteur Pete Wentz, "Rocket Man" Elton John, and, of course, Courtney Love.

What? Courtney Love? Yes. As the video announces, "it's Courtney, bitch," and she's going to be on the new Fall Out Boy record Save Rock and Roll, expected next week. But hey, stranger things have happened.

As much as we all make fun of Love, she's actually worked with some of our favorite artists over the years. If you find yourself asking, "Like who?" then this list is for you, my friend.

Faith No More You don't remember when Courtney Love was the front woman for Faith No More? Well, it happened. Before there was Mike Patton, or even Chuck Mosely, Love wormed her way into the band by going crazy and breaking a bottle over her head to convince them she was good enough.

It worked for a few months, but ultimately the band decided they wanted someone else. Love was pissed, naturally.

Kim Gordon If you ever read the liner notes of a Hole album, you're going to recognize a lot of familiar, famous names. Most likely, you'll probably even see someone you love in there. In the case of their first album Pretty On the Inside, a cursory look at the production credits reveals the name of Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon, who Courtney personally asked to produce the record.

The two have since apparently had a falling-out, and Gordon has admitted she isn't so sure about the official circumstances of Courtney's famous husband's death. Hey, speaking of that guy...

J Mascis Hey, you know how everyone thinks Kurt Cobain wrote all the songs on Hole's second album, Live Through This? Well, he didn't. But on the single "Gutless" from the album, Dinosaur Jr. front man J Mascis jumped in to do the mixing, creating even more Courtney Love rock trivia.

Billy Corgan Okay, so Kurt didn't write Live Through This? That whole Billy Corgan writing Celebrity Skin thing must be a myth too, right? Actually, the Smashing Pumpkins mastermind really did contribute to five out of 12 tracks on Hole's 1998 LP (complete with writing credits in the liner notes!), and Pumpkins bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur not only played on the album but helped write five other tracks herself. Corgan jumped in again to write three tracks on Hole's latest album, 2010's Nobody's Daughter.

Bernie Taupin Last one. Love and Elton John are both appearing on the new Fall Out Boy record, but how else are they connected? On Love's 2004 solo debut, America's Sweetheart, she released the song "Uncool." A look at the writing credits of that one reveals that John's longtime lyrical partner Bernie Taupin just so happened to helped write it.

Everything comes full circle in the world of Courtney Love.

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