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The Five Worst Trends In Pop Music Right Now

If you listen to popular music with even a halfway critical ear, which the men and women of Rocks Off at least try to do (though yes, we know some readers may disagree), this is a very tough time. Both the old-fashioned radio airwaves and newfangled streaming gadgetry are awash in songs that are manufactured to the point of artificiality - Daft Punk aside, robots really could be making a lot of this stuff - and seem to express little in the way of values apart from "YOLO" or lovesick musings of an average 11-year-old. If you're over that age, that knowledge is both distressing and revolting.

In other words, there is a lot of bad, bad music out there right now. Call us old, and you may, but a lot of the music that's currently popular across a variety of genres seems to be experiencing a simultaneous lull in originality and inspiration. The unfortunate, ghastly hybrid of rap and country known as "hick-hop" is actually what inspired this list, but Rocks Off's Angelica Leicht already covered that quite well this past Wednesday, on "Hick-Hop Is Garbage. Jesus. It's Utter Garbage."

Frankly, there is so much to cringe at today that we could hardly stop there. Here are five more pop trends that can't go away soon enough, which means we're probably stuck with them for a while.

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