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The Freakouts: Freaking Out All Over Your Faces

Each week, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to [email protected].

Two Saturdays ago, we were out at the new Walter's, watching music and starting conversations with strangers because watching music and starting conversations with strangers is just about the most proper entertaining way to spend a weekend evening.

One of the bands performing was new glam/punk-rock fivesome The Freakouts. They were substantial fun and clearly talented. So as soon as their set was over and as soon as we'd finished picking up all of the pieces of our brains off the floor, we wandered over and chatted up one of their members.

From afar, the group was a napalm tornado. Up close, they were perfectly polite and cordial. We set up an interview and that was that. Later, we conducted the interview. It's below. So there. Keep it moving.

Rocks Off: The "Care Less" song that you all have: When you were putting that together, what was going through your brains? What were you saying you wanted people to experience when they heard it?

The Freakouts: Well, the song's pretty much about not giving a shit what people think about us. I think it's one of our "tougher" songs, basically saying we might not fit the image you want us to, and we don't care. It's about looking and acting and being and doing everything you want to without feeling bad about it. It all comes down to what you want for yourself.

RO: If nobody had ever heard any kind of music resembling yours before, which two bands would you point them towards and say, "Here, listen to these groups. THEY ARE ESSENTIAL."

TF: Hard to narrow it down to two; The Ramones and The Cramps.

RO: If someone wants to join The Freakouts, is it absolutely imperative that he or she have big, big loud hair?

TF: Yes.

RO: Finish this sentence: When you go to a Freakouts show, you're guaranteed...

TF: An interesting mix of punk, glam, garage, and psychobilly. Like one of our songs says, "We just wanna have fun," and that's the attitude we take to our shows.

RO: Now finish this one: The worst thing in the world is...

TF: Well, I don't think it's the worst, but for the band experience-wise, getting electrocuted on stage by your instruments sucks pretty bad.

RO: This one: Let me tell you the problem with punk rock. It's...

TF: Too many people try to classify it and make it into a uniform thing when really there's so many branches of punk out there and some bands just don't get the recognition they deserve. People try too hard to make it fit a certain image and I always thought the beauty of punk is it's about self-expression and nonconformity.

RO: When and where can people see you all perform next?

TF: You can check us out at The Mink on April 20 with local favorites, Skeleton Dick. Please come early and check out all the bands.

The Freakouts also play Tuesday, March 13, at Dean's (316 Main) with the Bad Drugs, the Drafted. They are currently in the process of recording their first 7-inch. Find them on Facebook for updates.

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Shea Serrano